A quiet weekend for two or a family break in Shakespeare’s County

24 June 2013

Set in the heart of England, Stratford upon Avon has something to keep most families happy. It’s also a great placed to visit if you’re lucky enough to escape with out the children! We visited by ourselves recently and found a lovely barn conversion to stay in. The barn has been carefully restored by the current owner into several separate properties, which is ideal if you want a larger get together.

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Two boys, one apartment and lots of rain

23 June 2013

View from Apartment Balcony - Nearest shop circled!This year for the first time we chose to try out an apartment instead of a villa. We love staying in a villa, because we have privacy and our own pool. However, two teenage boys need more and more entertainment as the years go by. They love the pool, but after a while want something more. The villas we have hired have usually been quite remote too, so not so easy to stroll to a shop. So that was my thinking in hiring an apartment with a shared pool. I hoped they’d meet up with other people and the write up on the apartment said shops were ‘5 minute walk’, so I guessed that they could go alone quite easily. If you click on the picture you will see the view from the apartment balcony and the nearest shop circled. Make your own mind up how long it would take to walk there! It also had ‘2 private beautiful cascading infinity pools with sunbeds, shade, showers, and another large swimming pool at the exclusive Cumbre restaurant.’.

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