Driving in France

27 December 2013

Not only do you drive on the right in France, but all of the speed and distance signs are in kilometres.

Also worth knowing:
Your insurance should cover you third party in France, but check with your insurance company before you go and you may also want to increase your insurance cover.
Service stations often close at 6pm and on Sundays. It may be difficult to find a service station that is open 24 hours.
The french for petrol is essence, diesel is gazole.

The minimum driving age in France is 18.
You should keep all paperwork with you in the car. You must produce it if asked by the police.
If the car is not yours, you will need a letter authorising you to drive, which you will need to keep with you. This includes company cars.
You should ask your insurance company for an international declaration in case of an accident. Be careful about signing anything i french that yo don’t understand.
Your driving licence must be the new pink one - not the old green style.
You must carry a set of spare bulbs for your car.
A warning triangle is compulsory if you’re towing.
You must STOP at stop signs. You can be fined for not doing so.
All UK cars in France must display a GB sticker, which you can usually get from the ferry company.
Speeding fines are hefty and must be paid on the spot. In extreme circumstances the police can impound your car.
Always pay and display. It may be easier to park at your accommodation ands explore on foot.
Children MUST wear a seat belt. Children under the age of 10 must not sit in the front, unless in a specially adapted rear facing seat.
Breath tests are random.
Tolls can be expensive if travelling by autoroute, but worth it if you want to get there quickly.


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