Packing checklist - handbag & handluggage

27 December 2013

We hope you find the following checklists useful. Why not add to them and print them off, so that you can be sure that you have everything that you need? You can then look at the top tips for what to take and may be then add to or amend these lists? If you need some new bags before you go try for a large assortment of bags for you and your children.
Please note that at present you are allowed one bag, which must measure no more than:
Maximum length - 56cm
Maximum width - 45cm
Maximum depth - 25cm

Handbag / Hand Luggage
Our handbag checklist will ensure you have everything you need to hand, whilst avoiding unnecessary items or items not permitted in your hand luggage. All luggage is subject to security checks by the airline and of course there is a limit to the amount and size of luggage you can check in.  It is important to stick to these or face leaving items behind or being charged for excess baggage.

Babies items are permitted as hand luggage, but try to keep these to essential items only.

It is advisable to use your common sense when packing hand luggage items, but the following are not permitted:
Any sort of knife with blade of any length
Household cutlery
Paper knives
Toy or replica gun
Contents of pressurised containers, such as toothpastes, hair gel, soups, drinks, syrups, perfumes, aerosols etc

Checklist for your handbag:

Passports and tickets
Money and travellers’ cheques
Insurance documents
European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC)

Your handbag will have to be contained within your hand luggage ie you will not be permitted to carry your hand bag and any other bag, including baby changing bags.Checklist for your hand luggage:

Pre-sterilised bottles of formula sufficient for the flight - you will be asked to taste this in front of security staff before being permitted to take it on board
Small toys
Small plastic bags
Colouring book and crayons
Extra T-shirt for you and baby
Disposable changing mat or roll up changing mat
Baby wipes
Nappy cream
Nappy sacks
Baby and child-sized inflatable pillows
For what to take in your main luggage see our separate checklists here.


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