The Algarve - days out for the children

27 December 2013

The Dolphin Seafaris is a tour leaving from Portimao’s Marina at Praia da Rocha and Lagos marina. You can watch these wonderful, intelligent creatures. A word of warning though, the boat is small, which allows you to get close up to the dolphins, but not so good for those of you who suffer from sea-sickness. It might be wise to choose a calm day and take any anti-sickness medication!

The Aquabus that leaves from Lagos marina should keep them quiet! Children can marvel at the underwater world seen through the glass panes in the hull of this floating submarine. Read more

The Algarve

27 December 2013

When to go - Generally a year-round destination, July and August can be very hot.

Approximate flight time - Around 3 hours flight time from London to Faro.

Currency- Euro. Check latest exchange rates.
Visa requirements - None.
Language - Portuguese. Read more